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Otto Piene

1928 Born in Laasphe, Westfalen; raised in Lübbecke, Westfalen
1944-46 War service and captivity
1948-53 Studies in Munich and Dusseldorf - art and art education
1952-57 Studies in Cologne - philosophy
1952-54 Series of the "flying people"
Since 1957 Frames, smoke drawings (1958), smoke pictures, light ballet,sculptures (1959), Fire pictures, architecture works (1960), Inflatables (1961), Sky Events
1957 Founding of the group Zero - together with Heinz Mack (and from 1961 with Günther Uecker)
1958-61 Together with Heinz Mack published the catalog-magazines ZERO
1959 First exposition in the Schmela gallery, Dusseldorf,"light ballet"
1951-64 Teaches at the Dusseldorf fashion school
1964 Visiting professor for painting, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
1965 First exposition in New York ("Light Ballett"), Howard Wise Gallery
1968-71 Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (established 1967 by Gyorgy) in Cambridge, MA SKY ARTProjects, Sky Events
1969 Portfolio of 25 lithographies, SKY ART
1972 "Olympia Rainbow" for the XX. Olympic games in Munich
1972-74 MIT Visiting professor for environmental art
1974 Professor at the MIT (environmental art, architecture department)
1974-94 Director of the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies as successor to Kepes
Since 1974 Numerous group projects with artists, scientists and engineers of the MIT, e.g. „Centerbeam“, documenta 6, Kassel, 1977
1978 "Ikarus - A Sky Opera" with Paul Earls (music) and Jan Strasfogel (text)

Otto Piene contributed considerably to the first artist TV projects (1968, 1969) Director of the Sky Art Conference, MIT 1981, Linz 1982, Munich 1983, MIT 1986 and Arttransition, MIT 1975 and 1990

Since his first Zero texts (1958) numerous publications of manifestoes, books, essays, poetic texts, multimedia pieces

Numerous single and group expositions since 1957

Works in ca. 200 museums and public collections

Otto Piene lives in Groton, Massachusetts and in Dusseldorf


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